How do I find dark sky friendly lighting?
IDA does not sell outdoor light fixtures, but through our Fixture Seal of Approval program, we maintain a database of lighting fixtures that we have certified as dark sky friendly.
To find retailers that sell good lighting, see our Dark Sky Retailers page.

How do I find out if there’s a lighting ordinance in my community?
Lighting ordinances are important to ensure communities are making the right choices regarding outdoor lighting. Learn how to find out if your community has one.

How do I find out how to get a lighting ordinance enforced?
A lighting ordinance isn’t very useful if it’s not enforced. We have provided this resource to help you ensure your lighting ordinance is getting the job done.

How do I get a lighting ordinance passed in my community?
Getting a lighting ordinance passed can be difficult, which is why we have provided this resource to help you the process.

Where can I find resources for talks and presentations?
We try to make it easier for you to spread the word about night skies in your community. Check out our public outreach materials.

Do have any resources for educators?
Yes. Visit our Materials for Educators page.

How do I find places where there are dark skies?
Check out our map of IDA International Dark Sky Places. You can also use the interactive NASA Blue Marble map to find areas with no or minimal light pollution.

Where does IDA get its funding?
More than half of our funding comes from our generous members and supporters. For details about our financials, visit our Funding page.

Why should I contribute to IDA?
By contributing to IDA, you are making a difference. Your contributions help the environment and human health and preserve the night skies for future generations. Contact us for more info.



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